We want Bath Spa SU to be a sustainable and ethically run organisation. It is a core commitment in how we work.

Did you know that...

  • You can recycle batteries and old glasses in the SU reception at Newton Park
  • 100% of the paper we use is recycled.
  • We've fitted water-saving devices in our building at Newton Park
  • The University has achieved ISO14001 - which is the highest standard of environmental management an organisation can get.  As a big and bustling organisation within the University, the way the Students' Union operates has played a big part in this.
  • We have been awarded Fairtrade status.  We sell lots of fairtrade food and clothing in the shop, and all hot drinks served in the bar come from Fairtrade sources.

Want to do your bit?...

As well as the obvious things like switching off lights, recycling as much as you can and buying Fairtrade, there are lots of ways you can take action for the environment.

  •  If you want to meet like minded people to set up or get involved in sustainability projects contact the Environment & Ethics Officer
  • Fed up of seeing lights left on unnecessarily?  Upload a photo to Snapitoff to campaign to get it sorted.
  • Understand the impact the University has on the environment - and what the University and Students' Union are doing to minimise this! (also known as the University's Environmental Aspects and Impacts)

For more information contact