Help & Advice

Hey Everyone! 

I'm Aled, your Vice-President Welfare. While university can be the best time of your life, it can also be the most stressful.

A lot of students find that they need support during their studies, whether it's to do with housing, money, equality, mental health or just your general wellbeing, the support is there for you.



Below, you will find links to advice and information on some of the most common student concerns. If there is any information that you can't find, feel free to e-mail the Student Advice Centre!


If you find yourself in need of advice, feel free to give our Student Advice Centre an email at to speak to someone who can help.


I also do a lot of work with liberation, and ensuring all students are treated equally and that their voice is heard on issues concerning equality. If you are passionate about running a campaign concerning a certain issue, feel free to come to me and discuss it. You might just make a difference!


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