Health and Wellbeing

Top Tips

  1. While we think it’s never going to happen to us, it's likely that at some point in your University life you will get ill. It is worth signing up with the local GP when you arrive in Bath to make seeing a doctor easier for you if you do become ill.
  2. Sometimes it'll be worth missing a lecture to go to the doctor's instead of powering through and ending up missing even more. It is good to try to time it around your course, but sometimes your health has to come first!
  3. "Prevention is better than cure". Don't run yourself into the ground. Making sure you're eating healthily and sleeping enough will give you a better chance of staying healthy.
  4. If you are worried make sure you talk to someone. There are places you can go for support with whatever you are worrying about.

Where can I go for advice in the University?

Student Wellbeing Services offer a range of support if you are finding things a little difficult at University. This includes mental health, wellbeing, money, disability support, access to medical services and more!

Current and prospective students can email them on or ring on 01225 876543. You can also find more information on the University’s Student Wellbeing Page.

Also remember to follow @BSUwellbeing on Twitter to keep up with lots of useful tips and information.

The University have partnered with Togetherall

Togetherall is an online mental health service offering self-help programmes, creative outlets and a community that cares. When you're dealing with everyday stressors or major life events, help is available anonymously, 24/7, whenever you need it.

Alternatively, for independent and impartial advice, email the Students' Union Advice Centre, on


Is there a doctor on campus?

The University Medical Service is provided by Fairfield Park Health Centre.

For more information on appointments visit the Medical Service page of the University’s website

Fairfield Park's details:

Fairfield Park Health Centre

Tyning Lane

Camden Road

Bath BA1 6EA

Tel: 01225 331616



If you are in need of a GP closer to your home please see here to search for GP’s in your area


If you have to pay for prescriptions, sight tests or NHS dental treatment you may be eligible for help with the costs through the NHS Low Income Scheme. For more information please see


Where is my local dentist?

You can find more information about where your local dentist is and their contact information please see


I would like to speak to someone about my mental health?

The University offers a range of emotional and mental health support for students including brief therapy interventions. For more information see the University’s page on Mental Health.


Is there anyone my age I can talk to?

TalkCampus is an online mental health peer support network, where you can speak with students from all over the world! You can speak about your experience as a student, share hints and tips and receive support from other students, whenever and wherever you need it.


Where can I find advice on Mental Health?

You can find some advice and information on mental health at the websites below.

Mind -



Where can I find advice on Sexual Health?

The Students' Union provides free condoms to students from our SU Reception on Newton Park Campus.

To find more information regarding Sexual Health Services near you please see the NHS Choices search engine -

You can find more information and advice on sexual health at the websites below.



Chlamydia test kits and screening are available at a number of venues -


Are there places in town to go when I feel unsafe?

There are places in town where you can seek refuge if you are feeling unsafe. These come under the Safe Places Scheme and you can find out more information about the scheme and participating locations here