Eat, Drink & Shop

Making the most out of your Students' Union facilities!

The SU runs a host of services and facilities for students studying at BSU. These services and facilities are run on a not for profit basis with any income being put back into the system, in order to improve your time at BSU!

The SU's Shop, Bar & Cafe are all within the Students' Union building located at the top of the Newton Park campus. Whilst the SU is unable to have any physical facilities on any other campus, it is vital to remember that the facilities are there for everyone, regardless of where you study. The Shop & Cafe offer a large range of good quality value for money products to suit your needs.


Term-Time Opening Times 2020/21

the Bar & Kitchen:

16th Sept: 11am - 5pm

17th Sept: 11am - 11pm

(Food 2pm - 8pm)

18th Sept: 11am - 11pm

(Food 2pm - 8pm)

19th Sept: 11am - 11pm

(Food 2pm - 8pm)

20th Sept: 11am - 11pm

(Food 2pm - 8pm)


the Shop:

Weds 16th Sept - Fri 18th Sept

8.30am - 10am

11am - 3pm

4pm - 6pm

Closed every few hours due to cleaning, stacking shelves etc.

Sat 19th Sept - Sun 20th Sept

11am - 5pm