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Coffee House Sessions - Marie White - Performance & Interview

Here is the amazing performance from Marie White at our Bath Spa University Students' Union Bath Spa SU Bar for the Coffee House Sessions tour. Also featuring an interview with the help of the brilliant Dom Archer this week. hope you enjoy. See you next Wednesday at 1PM for some more freshly brewed music. Crew: Liam Perry - producer/editor Matias Hernan Seguro - camera Cora Goldie - camera Joe Monks - sound Dom Archer - host SpaLife TV

Posted by SpaLife TV on Monday, 20 November 2017

Marie White | Wed 15th Nov | 1pm | Bath Spa SU Bar   #SetMusicFree



Marie White, 22 years young, and a girl – surprisingly (by her own admission)! A girl who enjoys making music, hanging out with her girlfriend, and writing about herself in the third person.

Reluctantly accepting many of the requests to ‘move along’, Marie started busking in Rye at the age of 15, performing soulful ballads, most of which were written during the early hours of the morning in her family home.

Without venturing too far outside of Sussex, Marie has played a number of different shows in the past 6 years, a number not too far from the population of her home town, Hastings. It would be fair to say that she has created quite a name for herself down by the sea!

Describing herself as ‘an accidental musician’ she finds it hard to take a step away from her passion. She doesn't want to write, she needs to write. Marie still remains true to "The 30 minute rule"... She states that if a song is not fully formed within an episode of Eastenders, then quite frankly it's time to turn over to ITV2!

Marie has recently been in the studio with producer Hugh Worskett (Will Joseph Cook, Rae Morris, Birdy) working on her debut single "I Want To Know You", which is due for release in early 2018.

Ask her to tell you a story... you won't regret it!




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