Matt Willis



Matt’s journey as a musician began after a troubling time for his family. As a teenager, he left his Kent home to attend a performing arts school in London, where he was something of a square peg. “It’s something that my parents wanted me to go into, but I hate being told what to do,” he says. “With that whole career, you’re always pretending to be someone else, and my whole thing is I just want to be me, saying what I want to say.” Moving to London gave him zest for life in the big city, but his time at the school – and in the capital – was cut short when his parents lost their chauffeur business and their home. Matt returned to Kent to help pick up the pieces. “I was living with my grandparents, I’d split up with my girlfriend, I had no money, no qualifications as such, I’d had to leave college and I had to work in River Island,” he says. “But I had a shitty guitar and Garage Band on an old Mac, so I started to write songs, and friends started listening to them. It’s cool because you have so many people in their 20s writing about relationships and heartbreak and shit like that, but when you’re a teenager it’s a completely different world of heartbreak. Like, ‘Oh my God, my girlfriend doesn’t want to speak to me any more so I’m going to cry for four days and write angry status updates.’”

So Matt spent years “sofa-surfing and playing shows anyplace” while pouring his heart into his songs. Music became Wills’ plan to avoid the nine-to- five or – worse – the seven-to – whenever he’d seen his parents work. “My parents were very, very hardworking people and they lost the lot,” he says. “I don’t want to have that life. I want to get up at one in the afternoon and if I earn some money, great.
Everyone wants to be a rock star and live that life, don’t they?"

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