Odina - Coffee House Sessions - Bath Spa - 22nd March 2017

This is the last official performer from Coffee House Sessions !! Odina had a chilled out atmosphere to play at the Bath Spa SU Bar within the Bath Spa University Students' Union ! She was great to talk to and I know Issy Britton enjoyed the interview!

Posted by SpaLife TV on Thursday, 23 March 2017



Odina’s aesthetic is melancholic and sorrowful, yet brimming with warmth and delicacy. Influenced by Keaton Henson and Bon Iver amongst others, 2016 saw the release of Odina’s debut EP Broken, a project conceived in the intimate space of her small London bedroom that has managed to amass over half a million streams on Spotify. Odina is a project that started not only at a point of emotional vulnerability, the breaking of a relationship; but also at a point of “exile” when moving to a different country, from the sunny Barcelona to the rainy streets of London.

Broken draws on Odina’s life experiences, having been recorded in both London and her native Barcelona, to explore the melancholy of a broken heart and of a mind deceived by the wonders of what could be, as opposed to what is. An experiment in auditory intimacy, each track on Broken is like a whispered diary entry, synthesising the deeply personal and emotional with the warmth of Odina’s delicate guitar accompaniment and reverb-filled production.

“Odina is delicately raw as her minimalist musings express an emotional core. Her vulnerability is another strength.”The 405

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