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Coffee House Sessions - Tiggi Hawke - Performance & Interview

It was a privilege to have Tiggi Hawke perform for us on the Coffee House Sessions tour in the Students' Union. Thank you to Tiggi and her band for coming down! Also featuring an interview from the lovely Issy Britton. See you next Wednesday at 1PM for some more Freshly Brewed Music. Crew: Liam Perry – producer/editor Luke Ward– camera Nina Ycre – camera Joe Monks – sound Issy Britton - host Bath Spa University Bath Spa SU Bar Bath Spa University Students' Union SpaLife TV

Posted by SpaLife TV on Monday, 13 November 2017

Tiggi Hawke | Wed 8th Nov | 1pm | Bath Spa SU Bar   #SetMusicFree



One gig can change your life – at least, that's what Tiggi Hawke found. A songwriter with evident talent, her commitment to university prevented her from fully embracing music. But when she walked out in front of an audience to sing her own material for the first time, she knew which direction her life should face.

That sense of connection is something that rushes through her music, a torrent of feeling and emotion that simply demands to be recognised. “Right now,” she says, “there's so much crazy stuff going on, and there's this whole lack of empathy, of emotion, and connection. This is my way of re-connecting with people, with myself. I know that sounds wishy-washy, but I really, really do believe that.”

A gifted wordsmith, Tiggi draws from her own life, her own experiences, to craft superbly creative yet openly autobiographical pop hymns. “None of my music is ever going to be 100% happy because I don't feel like that reflects life,” she says. “That's just a rose-tinted version of life, that we maybe see on Instagram. I can pretty much guarantee that it won't be like that. So all of my lyrics, all of my stories, are from things I've been through, and that I've experienced.”

Tiggi Hawke is classically trained, but admits to a secret lust for rock music – she's nothing if not eclectic, as she readily admits. “I'm very open-minded. I like pretty much anything, musically,” Tiggi insists. “And obviously if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. I'm very relaxed when I write with people. I have a good time, because I genuinely enjoy it. I can't imagine calling this work. I love it. And I love to live it.”

A key component of the creative community that has settled in North London's Tileyard area – think Chase & Status, Mark Ronson – she clearly relishes the communal nature of this studio complex. Tiggi’s debut track 'In The Wild' – that was taken from her debut EP ‘Burn Notice’ – connects the old with the new, a low with a high.

Since releasing her acclaimed debut EP ‘Burn Notice’ in 2016 and single ‘Neon Dancer’ earlier this year, Tiggi has proved her ability to create a string of infectious pop gems, receiving praise from influential tastemakers including The Line Of Best Fit, Wonderland Magazine, Popjustice, CLASH, Notion Magazine, Idolator and more. Now returning with brand new single ‘Dangerous Behaviour’, a collaboration with heavyweight Dutch DJ and producer Mike Mago, her plaudits have continued, with Record Of The Day calling the track “an immensely catchy tune with swaying rhythms, a superb sing-a-long chorus and on point production” and further praise across Wonderland Magazine, The Sun on Sunday, Spindle Magazine, The Music Essentials, EDM Sauce, PopBitch, Celebmix and more.




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