Student Leader Elections 2017




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Students' Union President
Ryan Lucas
Vice-President (Welfare)
Joe Simmonds
Vice-President (Activities)
Danny Whitebread
Vice-President (Education)
Meghann Mckeague



Volunteering & Fundraising Officer

Hannah Evans

Media & Events Officer

Liam Macauley

Environment & Ethics Officer

Louise Thacker

Liberation       Reps:

Women's Rep - Molly Bray


International  Students Rep - Lucinda Mok


 LGBTQ+ Rep - Liv Maradei


Mature Rep - Sarah McCone Usher


Racial Equality Rep - Cameron Okai

Religion and Beliefs - John James Gordan                                                                                                                                                                                          Disability and Mental Health Rep - Kyla Smith


Senior Academic Reps

Business - Emily Butler
Art and Design - Chloe Glover
Digital Academy - Molly Bray




Writing and Performance - 

   Stephanie Hazell


NUS Delegate


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