Student Rep Elections 2017


For some of these roles, you will need to study within the discipline or area to take part in this election. If you are a current student and you are not able to take part in this election, please e-mail e.creevy@bathspa.ac.uk or contact the Students' Union reception.

Take part in the Student Rep Elections 2017 including Course Reps, Postgraduate Representation, some Liberation Reps and Democracy and Oversight Forum members.

You must be a current student to take part in these elections. For some roles, you may need to study within a certain School or course or self-define under a certain liberation group to participate.


Student Rep Elections Role Descriptions

Liberation Reps

We are currently looking for 3 liberation reps to represent:

  • International Rep
  • Parents and Carers Rep
  • Women's Rep


Postgraduate Taught Rep

We are currently looking for a Postgraduate Taught Rep to represent postgraduates.


Postgraduate Senior Academic Reps

We are currently looking for 7 reps to represent the following disciplines:

  • Bath School of Art and Design
  • Bath Business School 
  • Culture and Environment 
  • Institute for Education (PGCE student) 
  • Institute for Education  (non PGCE student) 
  • Music and Performance 
  • Writing, Film and Digital Creativity 


Undergraduate Senior Academic Reps

We are currently looking for 1 rep to represent the following discipline:

  • Writing, Film and Digital Creativity


Democracy and Oversight Forum Committee Member

We are currently looking for 4 members to be on the Democracy and Oversight Forum.

For more information on how to self define to vote for liberation rep roles please click here.


Course Reps

We are looking for course reps for every course at Bath Spa University.

For more information on Academic Representation at Bath Spa please see the Structure Diagram here.

To watch an introductory video for some information click here.

Course Rep 2017/18 By-elections No elections are currently running