Student Leader Elections 2019

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Role Overview


Sabbatical Officer - Full Time and Paid

Are you finishing your degree this year and thinking about a full time role in the Students’ Union? Are you thinking that you may want to take a year out and get some paid experience? If so, have a look at the Sabbatical Role Overview and see if there is a role waiting for you. To see the role descriptions click here.


Student Experience Officers, Equality Reps, Senior Academic Reps - Voluntary Roles

Will you still be a student at Bath Spa in 2019/20 and are interested in a voluntary role within the Union? This could be an opportunity for you to make a difference as well as build up some useful skills for your CV. If you are interested look at the Voluntary Role Overview and see if there is role for you. If you would like to see the role descriptions for voluntary roles please see below:


Are you thinking about running in the elections? Have a look at the rules and regulations that make it a fair process.


Do you know a friend who could be the next student leader? If so let us know here and we can send them some more information.


Key Dates to look out for:

  • Monday 13th May 10:00 – Nominations Open
  • Monday 13th May 17:00 – Candidate Breifing and Info Session (CM.131)
  • Friday 17th May 22:00 – Nominations Close
  • Monday 20th May 10:00 – Voting Opens
  • Wednesday 22nd May 22:00 – Voting Closes
  • Thursday 23rd May 14:00 – Student Leader Results in the SU Bar
  • Friday 24th May – Club and Society results announced
  • Monday 27th May – Course Rep Elections results announced


These have three key areas of responsibilities; being a sabbatical officer, being an employee of the Students’ Union and being a Students’ Union Trustee. They are the leading student representatives within the University. This is a full time paid role.


Vice President Education


These are the leading representatives on areas which may affect student experience. This is a voluntary role alongside your course.

Across Campuses Student Experience Officer

Commuting Student Experience Officer

Transport Student Experience Officer


They are the voice of the underrepresented groups of students at Bath Spa University. They campaign for equality, celebrate diversity and bring everybody together. This is a voluntary role alongside your course.


Disability Rep 

Gender Equality Rep 

International Students Rep


Mature Students Rep

Mental Health Rep 

Parent and Carer Rep 

Religion and Belief Rep 

Women’s Rep 


All Clubs/Societies must have an elected committee made up of current Bath Spa students who are responsible for the running of the group. All committee roles are voluntary alongside your course. 

Clubs and Society Committees


They are the lead representatives on issues relating to teaching, learning, academic quality and the general academic welfare of students within their discipline, for more information on each discipline please see the roles below. This is a voluntary role alongside your course. ?

Bath Business School Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate

Bath School of Art and Design Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate

Humanities Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate

Institute for Education Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate

Bath School of Music and Performing Arts Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate

Science and Social Science Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate

Creative Industries Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate


They are elected to represent students on a particular course and collect student feedback and talk to staff about the feedback, either through one on ones with the course leader, or appropriate member of staff, or in Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs). This is a voluntary role alongside your course.

Course Rep


You must be a current student to take part in these elections.

For some roles you may need to study within a certain School or course or self-define under a certain equality group to participate. If you are a current student and you are not able to take part in this election, please e-mail or contact the Students' Union reception.


To find out more about the rules for elections please see the Elections Regulations or email for more information.