By-Elections 2018

Elections give you the opportunity to choose who you would like to represent you. Whether it be in your course, a group of students you identify with or the experience you are having at University.

We are running our Course Rep Elections and our Student Leader By-Elections 2018/19 and you have the opportunity to vote for who you think will be a good representative. 


No elections are currently running


No elections are currently running

For role decriptions please click here.


No elections are currently running

For role decriptions please click here.


Student Leader By-Elections 2018/19

Student Experience Officers are the leading representatives on areas which may affect student experience. Their role is to liaise and participate with key student groups, to capture opinions and feedback to the relevant sources to show awareness of the student voice. They should work closely with Sabbatical Officers, fellow Student Experience Officers and staff at the Students’ Union and University to enhance the experiences for Bath Spa students. The roles available in these elections are: 

Across Campuses Student Experience Officer

Postgraduate Student Experience Officer


The Equality Representatives are the voice of the underrepresented groups of students at Bath Spa University. They campaign for equality, celebrate diversity and bring everybody together. As Equality Representatives it's their responsibility to champion for the voice of students under their remit and promote positive change throughout the University. The roles available in these elections are: 


International Students’ Rep


Parents and Carers Rep

Women’s Rep



Senior Academic Reps take an active role in ensuring the best possible educational experience for students in their discipline. Representing students’ views at University committees and meetings to create the best experience for students. The roles available in these elections are: 

Bath School of Art and Design - Postgraduate 

Institute for Education - Postgraduate

Institute for Education - PGCE

College of Liberal Arts - Postgraduate

Bath School of Art and Design - Undergraduate 

Science and Social Science - Undergraduate


Postgraduate Taught Rep

Postgraduate Research Rep



NUS National Conference Delegate


Democracy and Scrutiny Committee Member Role Description

For more information on the Committee please click here.


A Course Rep is an elected representative who represents students on a particular course. They are responsible for collecting student feedback and talking to staff about the feedback, either through one on ones with the course leader, or appropriate member of staff, or in Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs). The roles available in these elections are: 

First Year Courses

Postgraduate Courses

By-Elections for some Second and Third Year Courses 


You must be a current student to take part in these elections.

For some roles you may need to study within a certain School or course or self-define under a certain equality group to participate. If you are a current student and you are not able to take part in this election, please e-mail or contact the Students' Union reception.


To find out more about the rules for elections please see the Elections Regulations


Key Dates to look out for:

15 October 2018 - Voting Opens at midday

19 October 2018 - Voting Closes at midday