Candidate for the position of Students' Union President



Giving your SU back to YOU, and all that Jazz...


NAME: Jazz Nesbitt-Larking

COURSE: A 3rd year BA Music student 

INVOLVEMENT WITH THE SU: 3 years as a Bath Spa Rapid Cheerleader and their current Vice President

                                                    3 years as a member of Spa Snow and their current Social Sec 

OTHER UNIVERSITY ACHIEVEMENTS: Doing a semester abroad in Montana, USA as part of the Study Abroad and Erasmus programme.

                                                                   Attending a Summer School in Brazil, representing BSU’s Music Department


The Student’s Union has been an integral part of my University experience, and I want to give back to the current and new students of Bath Spa and offer them the same opportunities I have had and more. I truly believe that the Student’s Union can impact your whole University experience. It has brought me countless friends, opportunities and memories and is one of the biggest reasons I’ve enjoyed Bath Spa so much. However, there are several changes that could be made to make the Student’s Union more accessible and engaging for everyone at Bath Spa.

As a student myself, I have listened to a lot of the problems students face day to day. I am someone who is easily adaptable, listens well and will react to issues once I know what students want and need. My biggest aim, if you vote me as your President, is to make the Student's Union a place where everyone's ideas are shared, heard and acted upon with urgency. This is YOUR Student's Union and I feel passionatley about making it into what you want and need it to be. 

My 3 main aims that I want to achieve whilst being your President are:

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY: giving YOUR Student’s Union back to YOU and giving students their say, your voices are at the heart of my priorities. I want it to be a diverse Student’s Union and cater to everyone’s personal needs.

2. Solving semesterisation issues:

I know many students and staff dislike the new system of semesters instead of terms. I want to work to match our University holidays back up with school holidays and make the semester system one that works efficiently.

3. Continuing the support of free sanitary products:

The SU has done an incredible job of offering free sanitary products for female students. I want to expand on this and make it more accessible, so that women can receive the help they need without feeling embarrassed. 

Other things I hope to achieve in 2019/2020 are:

-The biggest Freshers week yet!!!

-Scrapping extra course fees for ALL Campuses (including Sion Hill art course fees)

-Making mental health help more accessible 

-Working heavily on making Bath Spa a more environmentally friendly University. I feel very strongly about saving the planet, and I want to make the SU and Bath Spa more Eco friendly

-Making Sport a University priority and highlighting all of the benefits it brings to doing alongside studying

I am passionate and eager to make this the most exciting year yet for the Student’s Union and bring fresh, new change, whilst still appreciating all that has already been done and expanding on it. I want the Student’s Union to be somewhere that you want to be and have fond memories of when you look back on your University experience. I know many students feel a divide between the University and the SU and I want to break this gap, and make the bond stronger. It's time for a fresh start at the Student's Union, and I'm here to help you build it into whatever you want it to be. 

Vote for me and I will give your SU back to you… and all that Jazz.