Candidate for the position of Vice-President (Community)



Megan for VP Communi-Tea!


Hello! My name is Megan Robertson and I’m running for the position of Vice-President Community! I am currently studying a Masters in Arts Management and have got a BA (hons) in English Literature and Drama (which I completed here) I also currently work for Bath Spa Productions, and am often in the University Theatre or Michael Tippett Centre, so if you recognise me, that's probably where from.

I am an ideal candidate because I am an active listener and a problem solver. I take time and care when completing tasks, I pride myself in my organisational skills and am a very thorough time-keeper. Finally, this is my fourth year of living in Bath and I care very much for Bath Spa University, its students and for the people of our beautiful city. Which is why, if elected, I would work on the following points:

  • I want to break the negative connotations between students and the community of Bath through utilising the talent we have at Bath Spa by promoting a creative awareness scheme. By working with our resident production company Bath Spa Productions, and developing their relationships with our community, I hope to create more work in the city, but also build our partnerships with other arts organisations. Ideally, this would present our talented work by students to the community of Bath. Arts funding may have been scrapped, but it doesn’t mean the arts should be too.

  • I know that it is not only performance or writing-based subjects that are creative. With this in mind I will use the connections I will be making as VP Community in order to showcase our other students skills, such as education, business, biology and many more subjects. From this I will also create a similar campaign to the creative awareness scheme for these subjects, working with you, the students, in order to create networking opportunities with the businesses and/or schools in Bath; presenting student recognition and enterprise.

  • I want to set up tea and coffee meetings for students of Bath Spa at all campuses and accommodation locations, improving communities within our University. This will also give students an opportunity to get to know their SU but also have a chat about any issues that arise.

  • Volunteering within this role is key and my past experience as a volunteer, include; Peer Mentor, Buddy, Lead Buddy, Secretary and Vice President of Theatre Society, Member of the Pride committee, Senior Academic Rep and Course Rep, to name a few. I will use these experiences to continue with Enya’s hard work and form a group of community ambassadors to volunteer within Bath whilst continuing her Christmas tradition of the homeless packages.

  • I recognise a current problem within Bath is student housing. I plan to continue work with the local council in order to address this issue. Over the summer I worked with Twerton Mill Student Accommodation, thus I have learnt a lot about housing and renting, and will use this knowledge to help and give advice to students.

  • I will also continue to work closely with the Vice President Opportunity to create campaigns in order to raise mental health awareness.

  • I know that student safety one of the number-one priorities for this role. I will therefore carry on working hard with the SU bar to keep safety precautions for students such as Ask Angela. I want to also create campaigns based on river safety awareness, particularly during freshers week, thus informing and protecting our new students.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and don’t forget to Vote Megan for VP Communi-Tea.