Candidate for the position of Gender Equality Rep


Anti Terf, All feminist




So I’m Courtney, I might be unfamiliar to a lot of the new students this years as I’ve currently been nursing an injury for the last semester.

I was this year’s gender equality rep, last year’s women’s rep and 2 years ago VP of Bridgwater College Student Union


However even with said injury I have managed to most of my jobs I promised last year; so far I have:

  1. Given a non binary title to the students. The university will now let you use a non binary honorific

  2. Sanitary bins are now located in both sides of the gender neutral toilets for the translads.

  3. Surveys on the safety of the gender neutral toilets have been completed by the feminist society and the LGBTQIA+ society

  4. Keeping the TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) groups out of Bath Spa Uni

Next year, my promises to you are:

  1. More support to men's mental health

  2. Working with the women's rep to ensure that there are no terfs on our turf

  3. Working with LGBT rep to make sure all genders are covered.

  4. Make the surveys more commonplace for students outside of the feminist society and LGBT society

Thanks for reading and I hope you will vote for me.