Candidate for the position of Bath School of Music and Performing Arts Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate



My name is Emily and I have spent this past year representing the students of music and performing arts,  I am standing for this position again to carry on my work representing you all!

It has been a great opportunity for a workaholic like me and I have so many ideas for the future including more cross collaboration between courses and much clearer communication between the university and it's students. So far I have been representing you and bringing up issues such as the poor bus service  and problems surrounding semesterisation. I have made sure students who have had to change campuses have been able to get refunds on thier parking permits, helped towards the wonkee wednesday name change via unitu and changed exam requirements to account for budget cuts and reduced teaching on some courses. I have also planned projects for our second spa week and worked with other reps and the SU to improve your student experience. I have really loved getting to meet so many of you all and hear all your opinions and would love to carry this on next year!

So vote for me again and I will try my best to keep up communications between students, SU and staff as well as continuing with my work so far.

 Emily :)