Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Rep

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Dare to be You

Hi everyone

I’m Amari and I’m a current 2nd Year Psychology student. My goals are to work with the other representatives, especially the mental health and gender reps,  in order to provide a wider support group for the local LGBTQIA+ Youth in the university and wider community. I also plan to work closely with the Mental Health Society and Feminism Society.

I’ve been working as a Social Secretary among the LGBTQIA+ Society and I have been the Vice President for the new Drag Society. As well as my society roles, I have also co-organised the Bath Trans Tea Party which is a monthly meeting in local-run cafes where trans* people can meet other members of the community, socialise and have a safe friendly space in which they are able to vent about current issues, receive informed feedback and work on solutions.

Despite my passionate approach to activism, I can also be like an older brother to other LGBTQIA+ people who lack a supportive home environment or need guidance from someone who’s experienced both the good and bad of being your authentic self 

Of course, I’m open to new ideas and feedback, so please feel free to contact me with any ideas you have on how to improve our university!

Best wishes, Amari

-Dare to be You