Candidate for the position of Mental Health Rep



Proactive, Positive, a Mental Health Rep for all.

I would love to represent both students and the university as the 2019/20 Mental Health Rep. Having been the Vice President of the BSU Mental Health Society for the past two years, I have gathered experience working in the Mental Health sector. I have come across many students and staff members who would benefit from a friendly, approachable individual who truly understands them and their needs regarding mental health. I would love to run regular campaigns raising awareness, offer more support to students and help as many people as possible by bringing more focus onto tackling mental health at our university. As a current third year moving into my postgraduate who has struggled with mental health throughout and before my degree, I am fully versed in the stress that being a student can cause and am determined to help as many people as possible tackle whatever they need help with. I want to be a strong bridge between students and staff members to communicate our student needs regarding mental health and truly make a difference to our university. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, I hope to secure your confidence and vote!

Lucy :)