Candidate for the position of Commuting Student Experience Officer

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Jess Paradine

Dedicated to making your journeys to University as efficient, cost-effective (and fun?) as possible!

Hello I'm Jess and I'm here to stand for the role Commuting Student Experience Officer

Firstly, to give you a brief summary of my time at BSU (mostly in terms of transport), I stayed on Newton Park campus for my first year (not much commuting there except a weekly trip into town on a Tuesday evening). However, it would have been very useful to have a contact to advise me on the fastest, most cost-effective and most reliable routes out of the city - having been here years now, and learnt lots through trial and error, I feel more than qualified to do this!

Now, onto my actual commutes.. I'm currently completing a year in industry in between my second and third year at university. I live in Stroud (lift share anyone?) and my drive to work in Trowbridge is 1.5 hours each way, this means I'm out the house 12 hours per day. I have a new awareness of the strain that can put on an individual. When I return in September, my commute will be slightly less, at just over an hour. 

The issues I would really like to focus on in this role are as follows:

  • Of course, my main aim is to listen to your needs and escalate as appropriate to help find manageable solutions for any commuting issues, you can rest assured I'll be dedicated to this as I will probably face the same issues too. 
  • I'd like to create a social hub where we can communicate any issues such as train delays, traffic, accidents, road works, full car park, potential lift shares etc.
  • Providing education or entertainment for students - I'll do my research and provide weekly links to funny/interesting and interesting podcasts (anything to help with the boredom - I tried to learn French while driving this year, that did not help with boredom so I learnt from my mistakes there!)
  • Safety while driving - I shall work tirelessly to secure Dash Cam discounts for commuting students to protect your money and integrity in a crash. 
  • Maintaining physical health when commuting - I'll provide helpful guides and top tips whilst driving and help organise health assessments if you're concerned.

All of this aside - my main goal is to listen to your needs as our student body - as a minority group, I truly believe all of our needs can be heard and I will work tirelessly to make them a reality! I'd really appreciate your vote as I believe through my own experiences and motivation I am a strong and genuine candidate for this role. 

Thank you, I hope to see you next year!