Candidate for the position of Bath School of Art and Design Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate



Hello everyone!

My name is Emily and this year I was selected as a course rep for fine art first year! It has been a role that I have thoroughly enjoyed and will hopefully continue to be apart of next year! however I now also want to take on a greater responsibility in running for senior acedemic course representative for Art and Design

Why vote for me? I am a very communicative and caring individual living by the mantra 'You don't ask, you don't get'. What I mean by this is that every idea or opinion that comes my way has equal importance to me and therefore will be acknowldged when I attend meetings. I can also promise to feedback everything discusses, ideas proposed and how you all feel about these. Student voice matters because at the end of the day this is our future and have the chnace to influence it and make changes to better it. I also pride myself on my organisation and time managment so attanding as many of these rep meetings and discussions stands as a priority to me. The more I can attend, the greater the impact your voice will have.

Overall I'm very friendly and very approachable, two qualities I believe are most important for this role! 

Thank you for reading my manifesto and happy voting!