Candidate for the position of Creative Industries Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate



Solving problems, with people at the forefront!


I’m Josh Ponte, standing for Senior Academic Rep of the School of Creative Industries.

People come first, whatever the case may be. When understanding the opinions and feelings of students, nothing is more valuable than human discussions and face to face interactions. At school I was Head Boy, Head of Student Council, and a member of the Senior Debate team. It’s my mission, wherever I am, to make sure that voices are heard, and actions are made!

My mission

As Senior Rep, I would actively reach out to people on each course in our school, and let you explain in your own words what you think is good, and what has to change. I understand I will never be able to talk to everyone in person, but a collection of human conversations combined with feedback from course representatives I think is the best foundation for finding solutions to the problems that need solving.

There is such a diverse range of needs and wants across courses. I cannot possibly hope to reach out to every single person as the individual they are in a single manifesto. But I want to make certain that you are comfortable to express your academic needs, and that when you do to someone responds to that.

Whoever you vote for, have a nice day!

Want to ask questions, reach out, or get some outdated memes? Ping me an email!