Candidate for the position of Vice-President (Opportunities)



Putting the party back into political party


For those of you who don't know me, I'm Henry, a third year Geography with History student. For the last two years I have been the president of the tennis club and have helped it grow from a handful of players into a sociable community. At my core, I strongly value equality and inclusivity and wish to see all sports and interest societies, new or old, continue to grow.

During my time at Bath Spa I found it was hard to build new or small societies. One of the primary issues is a lack of facilities and lack of funding. Therefore, if I'm elected one of my primary goals will be to invest in better sport facilities that will benefit clubs and societies in the long run. My aim will be to centralise sports in a convenient location to encourage more students to get involved. Moreover, I would like to allocate more funding for coaches to not only take the strain of students, but to encourage students to take up a new sport and train to a higher standard.

During my time at Spa I have invested a lot of time and energy into the Tennis club which I have found to a rewarding opportunity. Before I leave the university, I would like the opportunity to help a wider range of societies and students see success. I will therefore offer as much support as I can to all the clubs and societies that the university will have.

With a keen interest in societies, welfare, environment and sustainability I would be enthused to take on the position. Thank you for taking me into consideration. I hope I reflect your viewpoints, if not then get in touch and I will do my best to help you :)