Candidate for the position of Creative Industries Senior Academic Rep - Undergraduate


Currently a first year mature student in Creative Writing and absolutely relishing every minute of the course. As one of the first year course reps, I have attended numerous SU sessions such as the Empowerment Day and the Alternative Approach Conference; and I hope I brought a fair amount to each discussion.

Very much a people person, and as anyone in my year group will testify (and will most probably recognise me from) I am always the ‘irritating person’ who asks questions in class and of the course, and finally, a third part to how I approach my studies at BSU; I am very much a systems person.

A combination of traits, which I believe are crucial to help ensure we all progress across our Creative Industries studies to the full.

If elected, I very much look forward to helping you all resolve any issues you may have and to help you all get the most from whatever Creative Industries course you are studying.

Ps. In the near future I am hoping to work more across the various BSU Creative sectors, and by my doing my main project on Brexit, I hope to hear more of your views shortly.