Students' Union at Sion Hill

Students' Union at Sion Hill

Mon 10 December 2018 10:00-17:00

Sion Hill Campus

The Students' Union is at Sion Hill every Monday in term time. Come and chat to us about representation, opportunities or advice.

We know that we don't have a permanent pace on this campus but that doesn't mean you can't get involved with the Students' Union. Whether there is something you wish to raise with us as part of Your Student Voice, you would like to talk to us about Activities and Opportunities such as joining a society or sports club, setting one up, volunteering or running a project with us then we are happy to help. If you would like some Help and Advice you can speak to us about this and we can help you make an appointment 


Where to find us

Mornings: We'll either be in the cafe space or walking around workshops chatting with some of you. 

Afternoons (1-5pm) : we are based in Library 0.8