Pillars of Programme Development

Pillars of Programme Development

Tue 19 February 2019 13:00-14:00

Twiverton 101

Why do we have Publishing and Journalism but we don't have Law or Dentistry? Why do other University's degrees have different content?
Come along to find out how programmes are designed made and approved and how students can get involved with the process.

This session is going to be run by Gitte Sparding and Lorna Lewis, two Quality Assurance Officers. As their job is ensuring the quality of courses here who is better to ask questions about what is and isn't included in courses.

CLOTHES SWAP in SU run by Eco Society
14th November
FREE EVENT Bring your unwanted clothes and swap them for new ones, for free. Please ensure all clothes are clean and good quality!
Alphabetti Spaghetti at FAME!
15th November
Alphabetti Spaghetti Social at Komedia! A themed night out to enjoy FAME and get together with the Society to have a banging night out! Dress up as something that begins with the same letter of your name! Meet at the Green Park bus stop!
Avon County Autumn Head
16th November
Avon County Rowing Club
Come and show your support for your Senior Rowing Squad, racing at home- it is the perfect opportunity to see how a race works and see where we train! There will also be a BBQ and cake stand!!