Meet the Avon Wildlife Trust

Meet the Avon Wildlife Trust

Wed 20 February 2019 11:00-14:00

The SU Bar

Are you interested in a future career in wildlife conservation or ecology? Then look no further, the Avon Valley Wildlife Trust are here to chat to you about the opportunities they have available! There are many different opportunities to get involved, whether you're looking for work experience, a new hobby, or are just keen to do something to help protect wildlife in your local area.

For more information, see their opportunities here:


Debate Night
13th November
CM. 135
Come and debate all thing Doctor Who with us.
CLOTHES SWAP in SU run by Eco Society
14th November
FREE EVENT Bring your unwanted clothes and swap them for new ones, for free. Please ensure all clothes are clean and good quality!
Alphabetti Spaghetti at FAME!
15th November
Alphabetti Spaghetti Social at Komedia! A themed night out to enjoy FAME and get together with the Society to have a banging night out! Dress up as something that begins with the same letter of your name! Meet at the Green Park bus stop!