Ready, Set, Lego

Ready, Set, Lego

Fri 28 February 2020 12:00-14:00

Common Room, Corsham Court

Release your inner child and test your building skills by playing with coloured bricks.

This event is part of Corsham Court Takeover running between 24th-28th February 

Litter pick
14th February - 14th December
Election Information Session (Newton 1)
17th February
CM. 106
Come along to hear all about the variety of roles up for election - from Sabbatical Officers, to Senior Academic Reps, to Equality and Campaign Reps. We’ll also let you know what to do next if you’ve decided to run.
Planting snowdrops in Sydney Gardens
18th February
Sydney Gardens
Interested in gardening and being outside? We are teaming up with the Sydney Gardens project during our student volunteering week, to offer students the chance to get involved with planting snowdrops in Sydney Gardens!