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Tue 19th February

How to Make Yourself Heard!
10am - 10:50am
Twiverton 101
Ever worry about getting your point across or that people wont listen to you? This session will help you tackle those worries and give you some top tips.
The NSS: What is it?
11am - 11:50am
Twiverton 101
What is the NSS? Why are they giving out incentives? Should I fill it out? All questions that can be answered in this dive into unpicking the NSS.
How to Make Change Happen
noon - 1pm
Twiverton 101
Ever been frustrated at the shuttle buses? Never enough room in the library? Bring those things you want to change about your University experience and we will look at different ways to tackle them.
Pillars of Programme Development
1pm - 2pm
Twiverton 101
Why do we have Publishing and Journalism but we don't have Law or Dentistry? Why do other University's degrees have different content? Come along to find out how programmes are designed and approved and how students can get involved with the process
Inclusivity: Challenging your preconceptions
2pm - 5pm
Twiverton 101
Come along to this extended Empowerment Session where we will explore the topic of inclusivity and maybe you will end up challenging some of your own views.
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