Spa Week: Cyber Security Taster

Spa Week: Cyber Security Taster

Fri 09 November 2018 15:00-16:00

Commons G32

This Friday 9th November: 3-4pm in Commons G32!

A taster session for anyone interested in joining the Cyber Security Society. Open to all students.

We all know how much of a role computers play in our daily lives, and how much data we send using them- but do you know how that data gets protected? Do you want to learn more about the world of Cyber Security, and what it gets up to on a day to day basis?

That's what the society is all about, and if you're unsure if you want to give it a try you are welcome to come to our SPA week taster session, where we will run a session like the ones we plan to run with the society all throughout the year.