Charlotte Moore - BSc Biology 2014 - Equestrian Society President 2013/14

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Charlotte Moore graduated in 2014 with a BSc in Biology. During this time she was a member of Equestrian Society and became President in 2013/14. Read below to see how she developed her Skills For Life that she has taken into her career.

  1. What do you currently and do and what has been your career path to date? - I am currently working as a Junior UX [User Experience] designer, I started as an account executive then moved to business analysis before UX. 
  2. Why did you choose to get involved with the Students' Union? - I wanted to be more involved in social activities outside of my studies and I wanted something that would make me stand out when applying for jobs after university.
  3. What 'Skills for Life' do you feel the Students' Union helped you gain? - Communication and organisation, and learning how to deal with vendors and students whilst attending university. 
  4. How did your experiences with the Students' union help your career? - It improved my confidence in talking to people, and how to manage my time. 
  5. What would you say to anyone who wants to develop themselves with the Students' Union? - It's a great experience, you will get to meet and interact with lots of different people and have fun, whilst developing your own skills which will benefit you in the future. 


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