James Lloyd, BA Business Management 2017, Poker Society President; Senior Academic Rep; Trustee

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James Lloyd graduated in 2017  with a BA (Hons) in Business and Management (Marketing). He was President of the Poker Society, Senior Academic Representative for Bath Business School and a Student Trustee of the Students’ Union. Read below to see how he developed his Skills For Life that he has taken into his career:


What do you currently and do and what has been your career path to date?

I currently work for Oxford Instruments - a large PLC that produces systems for nanotechnology - as a Sales & Marketing Executive within the Marketing team. This is my 2nd role out of university as I spent 1 year at a digital marketing agency after graduating.


Why did you choose to get involved with the Students' Union?

I’ve always been very passionate about making a difference but I’m always driven by learning new things and taking on challenges. I got involved with the SU in many different ways which gave me some fantastic life experiences.


What 'Skills for Life' do you feel the Students' Union helped you gain?

The main skill would be communication, which sounds pretty basic but its fundamental to success, working well in a team, and understanding different perspectives. I learnt to become a good listener and someone who looks at problems from various approaches.


How did your experiences with the Students' union help your career?

As the President of the Poker Society there were a lot of marketing skills I had to use to increase numbers and advertise the society. This really helped me to demonstrate the more practical skills I have giving me more confidence in interviews. The society grew in numbers every year since I co-founded it which was thanks to that. The experiences also showed how determined and passionate I was as a person, showing that I had a can-do attitude that employers look for.


What would you say to anyone who wants to develop themselves with the Students' Union?

Everyone should recognise that university is a special time full of so many opportunities to improve yourself and the community around you... but it won’t last! Take full advantage of the opportunities available and you will reap the rewards in years to come.





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