Archbishop of Canterbury visits the SU

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On Wednesday 9th November we were joined in the SU by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby who delivered a talk on Faith in the world today: Good, bad or indifferent?

The Archbishop touched on his personal global experiences, discussed the issues facing faith in the modern world, the recent Trump election and his meeting with Pope Francis. There was an engaging Q&A session in which students from the floor could directly put their questions to the Archbishop.

The event was attended by students and staff from Bath Spa University and the University of Bath.

I spoke with International exchange student, Jackson Yoder who is studying one semester at Bath Spa University. Originally from Sacramento, California, he is a student at the American University in Washington D.C. majoring in International Studies.



Jackson asks the Archbishop the final Q&A question

I asked Jackson what he had thought about the event and what had motivated him to attend as an American exchange student;

'Bath Spa comes across to me as a very liberal minded campus. A lot of people here are interested in having contemporary dialogues about global issues such as those discussed today. The two questions previous to mine had to do with the result of the US election. The fact that we are having these important discussions about these issues with so many different opinions shared all in one place, is incredibly important. It gets everyone thinking a little more and helps to influence our actions towards the better.'  Jackson Yoder

This was an engaging talk that brought students from across Bath together and created real dialogue around the topic of faith in the world.


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