Bath Spa and its Ecumenical University Chaplains’ Team raise money for WaterAid

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The Annual BSU Ecumenical Chaplains’ Soup lunch initiative raised £1,109.67 over the past 2014-2015 and was matched by a Bath Spa University cheque for £1,109.
A donation was presented on Thursday 29th October to the international charity WaterAid following an ongoing fundraising initiative started by the Ecumenical Chaplaincy with Anglican [Revd Prebendary Jan Knott] and Catholic [Father Bill, O.S.M.] Chaplains and their helpers working together and was supported by Bath Spa University. The University had a cheque for £1,109 to match that raised by the weekly Ecumenical Chaplains’ Soup Lunch held on Thursdays. These two cheques each for £1,109 - one from the Ecumenical Chaplains’ Soup Lunch after catering expenses had been met and one which was presented by Vice-Chancellor Professor Christina Slade raised a combined total donation of £ £2,219.36 presented to WaterAid.
The Soup Lunch initiative has been running since 2001 and offers students and staff at the University a chance to replace their usual lunch with a quick lunch of homemade soup, bread and cheese and have a chat with the Ecumenical Chaplains at Bath Spa. It takes place in the Students’ Union every Thursday during term time and aims to remind people how lucky we are to be able to drink clean, unpolluted water from a tap and think of those people in the world who are not so fortunate.
The money raised by the Soup Lunch initiative has been generously matched by the University every year since 2006. An impressive amount has been raised in that time and the money has allowed WaterAid to help many people with water and sanitation.
The Soup Lunch is also a good way for students to have contact time each week with Father Bill, OSM and the Anglican chaplain Jan Knott as well as the marvellously supportive Students’ Union members and Staff.
Father Bill, OSM, Catholic Chaplain at Bath Spa University said: “We are delighted to have once again worked closely with Bath Spa University to support such a worthy cause. Our thanks go to all the different University staff who have made the weekly soup lunch possible, from the superb BSU Catering team providing the soup to the Students’ Union and to Staff who have helped bank the takings each week and provided us with a space to sell the soup.”
WaterAid representative Vanessa Ashton added: “It was a pleasure to meet up with you and your wonderful volunteer helpers to collect yet another cheque from all your great work with the weekly soup lunches for students. Thank-you, again, so very much, for supporting WaterAid’s work and our aim to reach everyone everywhere with clean water and safe sanitation by 2030. As I mentioned the Government are supporting our maternal health campaign which we have called Deliver Life! Personal donations received between 10th November and 10th February will be match funded by the Department For International Development. I would like to thank Father Bill OSM and everyone at Bath Spa Ecumenical Chaplains’ Soup Lunch for their continued commitment to supporting us in our aim to help people living in extreme poverty gain access to clean water and safe sanitation. It is truly inspiring to know we are all working together to transform lives by improving access to clean water and safe sanitation.’’


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