Club and Society Elections Results 2019 including the by-elections

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From Presidents, Vice Presidents and Treasurers to Choreographers and Kit Managers a wide variety of student leaders are ready to take Bath Spa by storm next year.

Congratulations to everybody elected. Bath Spa SU will be in touch about handover and training for next year soon.

See below for who has been elected to our amazing clubs and societies

Acapella - Fundraiser SOPHIE BARRETT
Acapella - Music Secretary DARMONELLE JOHNSON
Acapella - President AMY WALSH
Acapella - Social Secretary LETTICE ACKERS
Acapella - Treasurer SOPHIE TOUMBAS
Acapella - Vice President HANNAH PLUMBE
African-Caribbean Society (ACS) - Events Secretary  
African-Caribbean Society (ACS) - President  
African-Caribbean Society (ACS) - Social Secretary  
African-Caribbean Society (ACS) - Treasurer  
African-Caribbean Society (ACS) - Vice President  
American Football - Communications  
American Football - Game Day  
American Football - Kit Manager  
American Football - President JOSHUA TROWERN
American Football - Social Secretary MIKHAIL RAJENDRAM
American Football - Strength and Conditioning  
American Football - Treasurer  
American Football - Vice President JACK MAPSTON
American Football - Web Manager JOSHUA EASTLEY
American Football - Women's Officer  
Badminton - President WILLIAM BRAY
Badminton - Social Secretary  
Badminton - Treasurer  
Badminton - Vice President MATTHEW CALDWELL
Baking - President  
Baking - Secretary  
Baking - Treasurer KAROLINA URBAN
Baking - Vice President  
Basketball - Match Coordinator PASINDU KOSWATTEGEDARA
Basketball - President Nick Neil
Basketball - Social Secretary  
Basketball - Treasurer  
Basketball - Vice President LUCY THOMPSON
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Choreographer LAUREN GLASGOW
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Costume EWAN WYATT
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Director JESSICA PLUMMER
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Fundraiser EMILY SHIMMONS
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Fundraiser JONATHAN GUSCOTT
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Fundraiser DARMONELLE JOHNSON
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Media Officer NATASHA GREENSLADE
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Musical Director Lottie Dance
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - President HARRIET KIRBY-SMITH
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Rehearsal Pianist MAISIE B AND HANNAH C
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Secretary Saskia Steene Faulkner
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Set Design ALIX COSTELLO
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Showcase Manager WILLIAM ROGERS
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Social Secretary ALICE BROOKES
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Treasurer Kevin Bordonaro
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Vice President LOLA BARNES
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Vocal Coach MAISIE B AND HANNAH C
Bath Spa Musical Theatre - Voice of the Cast OLIVIA TUCK
Bath Spa Singers - Musical Director MAXIM HRYNASZKIEWICZ
Bath Spa Singers - Co- President SARAH ORPEN
Bath Spa Singers - Co-President ERIN MINETT-SMITH
Bath Spa Singers - Social Secretary MARIANNE EVANS
Bath Spa Singers - Treasurer MOLLY ASHMEADE
Bath Spa-ce Society - President  
Bath Spa-ce Society - Vice President  
Bench Ball - President  
Bench Ball - Social Media TALLULAH BELL
Bench Ball - Social Secretary  
Bench Ball - Treasurer  
Bench Ball - Vice President  
Big Band - Assistant Musical Director MAXIM HRYNASZKIEWICZ
Big Band - Music Librarian JOSIE GREENSTON
Big Band - Musical Director Rowan Holohan
Big Band - President  
Big Band - Social Secretary LOUISE COWLEY
Big Band - Treasurer LILLIE BAMFORD
Big Band - Vice President LAUREN LATHROPE
Boxing - President MAIZIE GARDINER
Boxing - Social Media Officer  
Boxing - Social Secretary  
Boxing - Treasurer CERYS PEARCE
Boxing - Vice President JUDE HINGORANI
BSU Running Club - President WING LIU
BSU Running Club - Treasurer  
BSU Running Club - Vice President  
Campus Games Society - President  
Campus Games Society - Treasurer  
Campus Games Society - Vice President  
Card Game Society (Duel Academy) - President CHARLES ROFFE
Card Game Society (Duel Academy) - Treasurer ERIN KAYE
Card Game Society (Duel Academy) - Vice President CLAUDIU PEAURT-STEFAN
Carnival Arts - President Jemma Croucher
Carnival Arts - Social Secretary  
Carnival Arts - Treasurer KAROLINA URBAN
Carnival Arts - Vice President OLIVIA HYLTON
Cheerleading - Fundraiser KATIE LYNCH
Cheerleading - President Harriet Jackman
Cheerleading - Social Media/Publicity Manager ALICE NEWLANDS
Cheerleading - Social Secretary HEIDI MCLEISH
Cheerleading - Treasurer KATIE POWELL
Cheerleading - Uniform Officer GEM BASKERVILLE
Cheerleading - Vice President Cheer MOLLIE TAYLOR
Cheerleading - Vice President Dance CHACE LEWIS
Cheerleading - Vice Social Secretary MOLLY ANTHONY
Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Activity Minister  
Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Foreign Affairs Minister  
Chinese Students and Scholars Association - President  
Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Publicity Minister  
Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Sport Minister  
Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Treasurer  
Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Vice President  
Christian Union - Events  
Christian Union - Prayer Secretary CHAZ DANIEL
Christian Union - President BETHANY BUCKINGHAM
Christian Union - Publicity  
Christian Union - Secretary Elizabeth Lee
Christian Union - Treasurer REBEKAH HARLEY
Christian Union - Vice President HANNAH BATHURST
Christian Union - Worship Secretary FRANCESCA SHARMAN
Circus - President  
Circus - Treasurer  
Circus - Vice President  
Comedy - Marketing  
Comedy - President ADAM HODGE
Comedy - Secretary NICHOLAS WEBBER
Comedy - Treasurer SAM STRONG
Comedy - Vice President CAITLIN MILLARD
Comic Book - President ABIGAIL KITCHENER
Comic Book - Treasurer DANIEL CHALLINOR
Comic Book - Vice President ALEXANDER BROWN
Commuters Society - President  
Commuters Society - Treasurer  
Commuters Society - Vice President  
Creative Writing - President  
Creative Writing - Secretary  
Creative Writing - Treasurer  
Creative Writing - Vice President  
Cricket - President Will Durrant
Cricket - Social Secretary  
Cricket - Team Captain  
Cricket - Treasurer  
Cricket - Vice President  
Crime & Justice - Event Co-ordinator  
Crime & Justice - President  
Crime & Justice - Social Media Co-ordinator  
Crime & Justice - Treasurer  
Crime & Justice - Vice President  
Cyber Security - President  
Cyber Security - Sponsorship Manager  
Cyber Security - Treasurer  
Cyber Security - Vice President  
Cyber Security - Website Manager  
Cymdeithas Cymraeg / Welsh Society - President BRONWEN NEIL
Cymdeithas Cymraeg / Welsh Society - Treasurer KEANAN PERRETT
Cymdeithas Cymraeg / Welsh Society - Vice President AWEN WILLIAMS
Dance - Choreographer DAISY PINKERTON
Dance - Choreographer SHANAIA KHURSIGARA
Dance - Dance Captain Olivia Mace
Dance - President CHLOE BALLARD
Dance - Social Media/Fundraising Secretary ABIGAIL FLOWERDAY
Dance - Social Secretary ALICE BUGEJA
Dance - Treasurer Louise Carpenter
Dance - Vice President FRANCESCA HUNT
Doctor Who - President JOSEPH ROSKILLY
Doctor Who - Treasurer HOLLY AUSTIN
Doctor Who - Vice President SOPHIE PHILLIPS
Drag Society - President AMARI DARE
Drag Society - Treasurer  
Drag Society - Vice President JAKE CONWAY
Dungeons and Dragons - President BRONWEN NEIL
Dungeons and Dragons - Social Secretary Peter Beadle
Dungeons and Dragons - Treasurer LEE-ON ADROIT
Dungeons and Dragons - Vice President Beric "Badger" Garrett
Eco Society - President JULIA ARCHER
Eco Society - Treasurer Florence Coleman
Eco Society - Vice President SIAN BENTLEY
Eco Society - Secretary ELLIOT HAWKER
Eco Society - Social Secretary MARIANNE EVANS
English Literature Society - President BEATRICE GONZALEZ
English Literature Society - Social Media Secretary HELEN DICKER
English Literature Society - Treasurer LOUISA WEBER
English Literature Society - Vice President  
Equestrian - President BILLIE-JO RAINBIRD
Equestrian - Secretary  
Equestrian - Treasurer  
Equestrian - Vice President DAN DAVIES
Feminist Society - President ANNA HILLS
Feminist Society - Secretary  
Feminist Society - Social Secretary  
Feminist Society - Treasurer  
Feminist Society - Vice President  
Fencing - President  
Fencing - Social Secretary ELLA ELLIOTT
Fencing - Treasurer  
Fencing - Vice President  
Film Society - President Laura Bold
Film Society - Social Secretary HANNAH THOMAS
Film Society - Treasurer  
Film Society - Vice President EMMA NUTTALL
Genshiken Anime - President GREGORY PARKER
Genshiken Anime - Secretary Hannah Moore
Genshiken Anime - Social Secretary ERIN KAYE
Genshiken Anime - Treasurer JUDY MILNER
Genshiken Anime - Vice President EMILY CASEY
Grow-op Allotment Society - President  
Grow-op Allotment Society - Social Secretary  
Grow-op Allotment Society - Treasurer  
Grow-op Allotment Society - Vice President  
Harry Potter Society - President BETH EVESON
Harry Potter Society - Secretary MAX RUMBOLDT
Harry Potter Society - Treasurer ELEANORA CALSTAR-FISHER
Harry Potter Society - Vice President Rowena Pye
History and Heritage Society - President  
History and Heritage Society - Secretary  
History and Heritage Society - Social Media  
History and Heritage Society - Treasurer  
History and Heritage Society - Vice President  
Hockey - Men's Captain ROBERT HUTCHINSON
Hockey - President Samuel Blackham
Hockey - Social Media Secretary OLIVIA JAMES
Hockey - Social Secretary ISHY ROE
Hockey - Treasurer ELIZABETH EKINS
Hockey - Vice President EMMA MILLICHAP
Hockey - Women's Captain GIGI COOKE
Illustration - President  
Illustration - Secretary  
Illustration - Treasurer  
Illustration - Vice President  
Japanese Language Society - President Saul Ashbridge
Japanese Language Society - Treasurer JACK SMITH-PAWSON
Japanese Language Society - Vice President SOPHIA RAEE
Kickboxing - President TSIPORA ST. CLAIR KNIGHTS
Kickboxing - Treasurer ELEANORA CALSTAR-FISHER
Kickboxing - Vice President Duncan Steer
LGBTQ Society - Social Secretary AMARI DARE
LGBTQ Society - Treasurer  
LGBTQ Society - Vice President SOPHIE TOUMBAS
LGBTQ Society - Webmaster  
Men's Football - 1st Team Manager Adam Hawkins
Men's Football - 2nd Team Manager KEIRAN HOLMES
Men's Football - President MATTHEW MACKEN
Men's Football - RAG Officer OLIVER JENKINS
Men's Football - Social Secretary NICHOLAS WEGG
Men's Football - Social Secretary Greg Keyzor
Men's Football - Treasurer ISAAC NEILL
Men's Football - Vice President LOUIS BIGG
Men's Football - Vice President TYLER BLOOR
Men's Rugby - 2nd Team Manager GIOVANNI CAPALDI
Men's Rugby - Captain BEN CHARLTON
Men's Rugby - President JOHN WILDGOOSE
Men's Rugby - Social Secretary HARVEY RYAN
Men's Rugby - Social Secretary ROSS WARDLOW
Men's Rugby - Treasurer TOBY BARBIERI
Men's Rugby - Vice Captain ROBERT GRIGG
Men's Rugby - Vice President CHARLES CONSTABLE
Mental Health Society - Fundraising Officer  
Mental Health Society - Media Officer MIA FELLOWES TOWNS
Mental Health Society - President ARABELLA DEWHURST
Mental Health Society - Secretary  
Mental Health Society - Social Secretary LEAH NICHOLLS
Mental Health Society - Treasurer CAROLINE RIDDELL
Mental Health Society - Vice President SIAN BASSETT
Music Society - President ALICE BROOKES
Music Society - Treasurer PHILIPPA JACKSON
Music Society - Vice President MAXIM HRYNASZKIEWICZ
Netball - Coach EMILY BOORMAN
Netball - Fitness SOPHIE SKELCHER
Netball - President LAURA READMAN
Netball - Social Media  
Netball - Social Secretary TRUDIE DAWSON
Netball - Social Secretary EMILY WATKINS
Netball - Treasurer SOPHIA PARR
Netball - Vice President ISOBEL PARSONS
Nutrition Society - President JAKE RIGBY-WILSON
Nutrition Society - Treasurer  
Nutrition Society - Vice President  
Open Science - President  
Open Science - Treasurer  
Open Science - Vice President  
Poker - President Aiden-James Taylor
Poker - Vice President JONATHAN GUSCOTT
Pole Fitness - President EMMA DAVIES
Pole Fitness - Social Secretary Alice Rickard 
Pole Fitness - Treasurer CHLOE TURVEY
Pole Fitness - Vice President GABRIELLE VIRK
Polo - President  
Polo - Treasurer  
Polo - Vice President  
Publishing and Journalism - President  
Publishing and Journalism - Publicist  
Publishing and Journalism - Secretary RHIANNAN ANDREWS-KIRKWOOD
Publishing and Journalism - Treasurer  
Publishing and Journalism - Vice President  
Rock Climbing Society - President Isobel Tupman
Rock Climbing Society - Social Media LUKE SARTI
Rock Climbing Society - Social Secretary MOLLY ASHMEADE
Rock Climbing Society - Treasurer  
Rock Climbing Society - Trip Organiser  
Rock Climbing Society - Vice President ALEXANDER KING
Rowing - Orders Officer EMILY SHARP
Rowing - President TABITHA CLARKE
Rowing - Race Co-ordinate JOSEPH SELLERS
Rowing - Rag Officer Hannah Pain
Rowing - Secretary Ellie Glenn
Rowing - Social Media Officer HARRY PAYNE
Rowing - Social Secretary PIERCE SHAPTON
Rowing - Treasurer KATE UNWIN
Rowing - Vice President SAMANTHA WOOD
Samba Drumming - President Jemma Croucher
Samba Drumming - Treasurer  
Samba Drumming - Vice President OLIVIA HYLTON
SnowSports - Club Captain OLIVER MACKENZIE
SnowSports - Design And Media THOMAS MANSFIELD
SnowSports - President MEGAN THOMPSON
SnowSports - Social Secretary GRACE HANNINGTON
SnowSports - Treasurer CHRISTIAN O'SULLIVAN
SnowSports - Vice President Calum Hallifax
Spoken Word - President ERIN HOSEGOOD
Spoken Word - Secretary MAX RUMBOLDT
Spoken Word - Treasurer SOPHIE TOUMBAS
Spoken Word - Vice President HOLLY MOBERLEY
Swim Society - Event Secretay  
Swim Society - President  
Swim Society - Social Secretary  
Swim Society - Treasurer  
Swim Society - Vice President  
Tae Kwon Do - President  
Tae Kwon Do - Treasurer  
Tae Kwon Do - Vice President  
Tennis - Men's Captain  
Tennis - President  
Tennis - Social Secretary GERTRUD PAKOT
Tennis - Social Secretary Ellie Fowke
Tennis - Treasurer  
Tennis - Vice President ALEXANDER GORDON
The Honourable Paranormal, Conspiracy and Ghost Society - President  
Theatre Society - Performance Co-ordinator RAINA GREIFER
Theatre Society - President STEPHANIE WALKER
Theatre Society - Secretary NIAMH STANLEY
Theatre Society - Social Secretary JULIA ARCHER
Theatre Society - Treasurer AWEN WILLIAMS
Theatre Society - Vice President ADAM DAVIES
Vegan Society - President LOUISE THACKER
Vegan Society - Social Media Secretary  
Vegan Society - Treasurer  
Vegan Society - Vice President Tegan Tullett
Video Gaming Society - President CHARLES ROFFE
Video Gaming Society - Treasurer  
Video Gaming Society - Vice-President CLAUDIU PEAURT-STEFAN
Walking and Mountaineering Society - President ABIGAIL KITCHENER
Walking and Mountaineering Society - Secretary EDWARD CROFTON
Walking and Mountaineering Society - Social Secretary JACOB HAWKER
Walking and Mountaineering Society - Treasurer MATILDA FRENCH
Walking and Mountaineering Society - Vice President ZOE NEWTH
Warhammer - President CALLUM ROBBINS
Warhammer - Treasurer LUKE CAIRNS
Warhammer - Vice President KIERAN MOUNTIER
Women's Football - Captain DANIELLE ADAMS
Women's Football - President KATE DODDS
Women's Football - Social Secretary LEAH OYEWO
Women's Football - Social Secretary RUBY MICHAEL
Women's Football - Treasurer ELLA STOKES
Women's Football - Vice President ALANNA WATTS
Women's Rugby - Captain SUMMERLEIGH ALZNATI
Women's Rugby - President FLORENCE HARKER
Women's Rugby - RAG Officer OLIVIA MOULD
Women's Rugby - Social Secretary LUCY PHILPOTT
Women's Rugby - Social Secretary  CHARLOTTE BERRY
Women's Rugby - Treasurer PHOEBE DUNTON
Women's Rugby - Vice Captain NATASHA MACLENNAN
Women's Rugby - Vice President NINA DAWE


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