Do you want to be part of the Bath Spa team for University Challenge?

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Are you interested in being a part of Bath Spa's application for University Challenge?

Applications are now open for the 24th series and Bath Spa is putting together the ultimate team! Each Student Union in the country gets sent an application pack for the possibility of entering.  So if you think you have what it takes, or just really want the chance to meet Jeremy Paxman then get involved!

Would you like to represent Bath Spa in our first official application for University Challenge? 

The application process for Bath Spa will be as follows:

Come to the SU Bar at Newton Park Campus on Thursday 27th October between 5PM-9PM.

You will have the chance to answer a set of twenty questions provided by the University Challenge application pack. No phones, no tablets, no cheating! You will have a maximum time of 30 minutes to complete your questions. From there our team captan, Sean Jolly will give you anymore information you need regarding the process.

There's only a few rules you need to know:

You need to be available if we make it past the application process for filming between

Friday 24th February - Monday 27th February
Friday 24th March - Sunday 26th March
Friday 28th April - Sunday 30th April

Undergraduate, Postgraduate, part time and full time students are eligible to participate. If you're an overseas student you are able to enter but only if you are studying at Bath Spa for the whole period of recording dates.

For any more information contact Team Captain Sean Jolly at

*University Challenge Logo (Image: BBC)


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