Extraordinary General Meeting

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The EGM was held on Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 1PM in the SU Bar.

1. The meeting unanimously approved the revised Constitution

 You can read the new Constitution here. This has subsequently been approved by the University Board of Governors and logged with the Charity Commission.

The diagram available here shows how our new governance and democratic structures work hand in hand.

2. Are you thinking of standing for election in March?

We have been reviewing the Union's democratic structures and there will be significant changes to Officer and Rep roles in March.

The Sabbatical Officer roles will be:

  • President
  • Vice President Education
  • Vice President Opportunities
  • Vice President Community

Student Officer roles will be more focused on representing students more fairly with four new roles:

  • Commuting Student Experience Officer
  • Cross Campus Experience Officer
  • Post Graduate Campus Experience Officer
  • Transport Experience Officer

3. How will you be able to hold your Officers to account?

Being an elected Officer and Rep is a huge privilege. You place your trust in those you elect to work hard on your behalf but, if you aren't happy with how an elected Officer is undertaking their role, just what can you do about it? From 2018, the new Democraacy & Scrutiny Committee will receive regular reports from your elected officers that will be made available on the website. The Committee will also be able to form a Standards Board if you feel an officer is not fulfilling their role.


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