Extraordinary General Meeting

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Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 1PM. Newton Park Campus: SU Bar.

All students are invited to attend this Extraordinary General Meeting to consider and decide upon some key changes which will shape the future of the Union:

1. Approve the proposed new Constitution

The existing Consitituion is now 7 years old and we are proposing some important changes to how the Union is run and how students views can be better represented. You can read the proposed new Constitution here.

2. Are you thinking of standing for election in March?

We have been reviewing the Union's democratic structures and there will be significant changes to Officer and Rep roles in March. Come and hear about these changes for the first time.

3. How will you be able to hold your Officers to account?

Being an elected Officer and Rep is a huge privilege. You place your trust in those you elect to work hard on your behalf but, if you aren't happy with how an elected Officer is undertaking their role, just what can you do about it? We are proposing some big changes that mean you will be easily able to hold your Officers and Reps to account.

4. Just how will these changes make YOUR Union more open and accountable?

Alongside all these changes we have been looking at how we can make sure students can easily find out about the work Officers and Reps are doing on their behalf and about any key decisions taken by the Board of Trustees and Committees. We want to make sure students aren't kept in the dark and know exactly what the Union is doing for YOU!


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