Launch of Skills for Life

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As a Students' Union, we have launched a new programme for 2018/19 that is all about developing your Skills for Life.

We want to ensure that you have every opportunity possible to develop your skills with the Students' Union. This could be through part-time employment with the Students' Union, being an Academic Rep, running a club or society, volunteering, fundraising and more. This is a great opportunity to really grow the skills that you can take with you for the rest of life beyond your time at Bath Spa.

Skills Development and Employability was part of the Sabbatical Top 10 priorities for 2018/19. Students' Union President Ryan Lucas said: 'Whilst it's commonly understood you come to University to get a degree employers want more than that;  supporting your CV with wider experiences and additional skills is what gives you that edge on other students. Skills for Life is about participating in extra-curricular opportunities as a student and picking up and developing skills to make you stand out amongst others through your CV.  It's about testing your ability as a student to participate in the wider activities on offer and giving yourself the opportunity to walk away from university with a whole range of transferable skills. These skills give you the edge to other candidates in a very competitive environment.'

We will be offering a series of workshops and events as well as working with Bath Spa Careers and Employability Service to ensure that all of our student leaders have access to either the Bath Spa Award or the Headstart Award. In addition to this, you can take part in our SPA Weeks Programme where you can learn all about social enterprise and how to work with the community.

Barrie Grey, Head of Careers and Employability at Bath Spa, states "The future world of work is looking diverse but exciting. The skills for life you will gain as part of your experience of working with the student's union will help you get a great graduate job in the local region, nationally or internationally"


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