SU, inc!

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Wednesday 26th February 2020, 6 - 8pm

Newton Park Commons, G23/G24

The Meeting will have 2 parts:


Part 1: Shape our new priorities

  1. What are students saying? Hear from recent research. What don’t we understand?
  2. Share your thoughts and shape our future priorities on emerging themes:

Everyone goes on about the Bath Spa community – but is that really a thing? How can we ensure everyone feels a part?

How can we help every student to have an equality of opportunity?

Health and well-being are in all the headlines but what could the SU do the really make a difference?

How should we shape our role in the local community and ensure students are a valued part of the life of our University city?

Do you feel under-represented? Do you feel the University or Union doesn’t listen? Do you know how to raise a concern? How can we change that?

Overwhelmed or underwhelmed by our comms? What changes will our new website bring? Email? Facebook? Insta? TikTok? What works for you? What standards should you expect?

If we put sustainability at the heart of the SU, what should that mean in practice?


Part 2: Changing our charitable model.

The Union’s Trustees have agreed that the Students’ Union should become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This will mean setting up a new charity and transferring all the assets of the current Union to the new organisation ... BUT WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MEAN?

What could the benefits be? IT’S YOUR UNION SO THIS NEEDS YOUR APPROVAL!


Motion 1: Motion to Change the Legal Form of the Union by Incorporation.

Read the Motion details HERE


1.1       That the Union should incorporate as soon as practicable as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with Trustees as Members. 

1.2       That the Members approve the DRAFT CONSTITUTION.


Motion 2:        To authorise the Trustees to transfer the Assets and liabilities of the Union to the new Union CIO as part of the process of incorporation.

Read the Motion details HERE


2.1       To authorise the Trustees to transfer the Assets & Liabilities of the existing unincorporated Union to the new Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and to dissolve the unincorporated union as appropriate.



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