Society in the Spotlight

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The Bath Spa Baking Society won Gold Accreditation for their society last year - not only have they made a brilliant effort in society activities and events, they have also created a positive community for all their members.

Article written by Abi Starr (Secretary) and Ella Elliott (Social Secretary)

The Baking Society has held several cooking lessons for its members (free to attend) where people can come along and learn more advanced recipes. Some of these lessons featured profiteroles, gluten free lemon drizzle cake and meatballs. We also led a gingerbread house building competition as our Christmas session to add a festive feel. We have held a few socials over the year including an ice-skating trip. Our future plans include study group socials towards the end of the year when the stress of exams starts to build, and of course there will be sweet treats to keep the energy up while we (hopefully!) work hard!

Another type of event we have run in the past is society crossovers. These are a lot of fun as we get to meet and get to know people with other interests, and potentially members of other societies discover a love of baking they didn’t know they had. It’s also interesting to bake to a more specific theme, potentially out of our comfort zone (Rude and Crude with Comedy Society comes to mind!) Some of our other successful crossovers were with the Harry Potter Society (we got to try some magical bakes!) and the Film Society (some of these bakes were blockbusters!). Unfortunately, some societies at the university have a less obvious link to Baking, meaning these crossovers are a little more tricky, nevertheless, we have greatly enjoyed working with other societies!


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