Student Leader Elections Results May 2019

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Student leader elections -

Total number of voters 946.

Total number of votes cast was 5443 with 567 abstentions.

There were no candidates put forward for:

·      Vice President Education

·      Across Campuses Student Experience Officer

·      Transport Student Experience Officer

·      Bath Business School Senior Academic Rep

·      Disability Rep

·      International Student Rep

·      Women’s Rep

·      Religions & Beliefs Rep

We will be running a by-election for each of all of these roles after Easter and anyone interested should contact Sarah Dawes or Ryan Lucas or look out for further information which will be appearing on the Union website and social media pages.

Elections for all postgraduate roles will be run in elections in October.


The Elections Committee have received 2 complaints this year.

One complaint was in relation to Club & Society elections. As a result the election for VP Cheerleading was declared as NULL and will be re-run in May.

One complaint was received regarding the endorsement of individual candidates. A warning was issued to all candidates, clubs and societies. This complaint was referred to the Returning Officer at the National Union of Students, who agreed with the actions taken.

**All candidates for the following roles will be starting in their positions from July 1st 2019.


Sabbatical Officers     

  • Students’ Union President - Jazz Nesbitt-Larking

  • Vice President Community - Megan Robertson

  • Vice President Education - Vacant

  • Vice President Opportunities - Harriet Martin-Jones

Students Experience Officers

  • Across Campuses Student Experience Officer - Vacant

  • Commuting Student Experience Officer - Jess Paradine

  • Transport Student Experience Officer - Vacant

For more information on their roles and how to contact them please click here.

Equality Reps

  • BME Rep - Nadifa Hussein Mohamed

  • Disability Rep - Vacant

  • Gender Equality Rep - Courtney Nunn

  • International Rep - Vacant

  • LGBTQ Rep - Amari Dare

  • Mature Students Rep - Rikki Lea

  • Mental Health Rep - Lucy waller

  • Parent and Carer Rep - Zoey Price

  • Religions and Beliefs Rep - Vacant

  • Women's Rep - Vacant

For more information on their roles and how to contact them please click here.

Senior Academic Reps

  • Bath School of Art and Design Undergraduate Rep - Emily Watson

  • Bath Business School Undergraduate Rep - Vacant

  • Humanities Undergraduate Rep - Beatrice Gonzalez

  • Institute for Education Undergraduate Rep - Lauren Emery

  • Bath School of Music and Performing Arts Rep - Emily Casey

  • Sciences Undergraduate Rep - James Carter

  • School of Creative Industries Undergraduate Rep - Joshua Ponte

For more information on their roles and how to contact them please click here.



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