Student Volunteering Week: Friday - Harriet Martin-Jones

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Harriet is the Captain of the Women’s Rugby Team for Bath Spa. She has also been a committed volunteer with the SU throughout her time at Bath Spa with the Fresher’s buddies, various committee roles and as a course rep.

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because it gives me a sense of purpose and belonging that I don't get anywhere else! It also allows me to give back to the Student's Union and the University, both of whom have been extremely supportive during my time at Bath Spa. The great thing about volunteering is that in can be in any form you want it to to be, from volunteering and helping out with incredible charities and campaigns to setting up a club or society that shapes the lives of students - the possibilities are endless. There is no greater feeling than that sense of pride and joy when you see your work affecting the lives of others for the better. We all have a duty to use our position and privilege to help others in our community and that is why I volunteer! 

What have you gained from volunteering/ How have you benefited from volunteering? 

Incredible friends, excellent opportunities, work experience, valuable life skills - the list goes on! It teaches you an abundance of skills that benefit you in all aspects of life. To list just a few, volunteering has helped me improve: my organisational skills and time management, my teamwork ability, my ability to understand and empathise, my professionalism, given me the chance to really be creative and build my ideas, and above all is just incredibly fun and rewarding. 

Why is volunteering important (to you)? 

Volunteering should be important to everyone. If you are part of a community - for example the student community to Bath Spa - everyone should want to do as much as possible to make that community accessible, enjoyable and welcoming for everyone! It is important to do whatever I can to help and inspire others reach their potential, because volunteering is especially important at University as it is a completely new environment for most people and it is the hard work of a huge amount of volunteers who help make that experience as amazing as it can be. I still remember all the freshers' buddies, committee members, course reps and loads of other volunteers that I met in my first year and they really helped me not only settle in but make the most of the all the unique opportunities available to me, and if I can do that for someone else then I'm achieving what I have set out to do. 

What advice would you give to a prospective volunteer?

Do it, do it, do it! I cannot recommend it enough because there is truly something for everyone and you can adapt the way you volunteer to really get out of it whatever you need. It's also looks great on any CV and gives you invaluable skills that will benefit and help you in the future. There are so many opportunities out there to volunteer and help out and get involved because even though you're at University to get a degree primarily- you're also here to learn so much more! 


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