Student Volunteering Week: Saturday - Hannah Evans

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Hannah is the Volunteering and Fundraising Officer for Bath Spa SU. Hannah’s role involves working with students who want to volunteer in the local community or fundraise for a local charity and supporting them to make this a reality. Hannah also helps to co-ordinate campaigns and events such as Student Volunteering Week.

Why do you volunteer?

I have always been involved in volunteering at home so naturally I continued when I started at Bath Spa. I have volunteered at uni as a peer mentor and in projects like the Got Ya Back campaign for river safety in Bath. As well as off campus in soup runs for the homeless and the Bath Half marathon. Bath Spa has some great opportunities for volunteering! In my second year I took an open module in International Volunteering where I volunteered with children out in Myanmar and Thailand for 2 months for my degree! I am also your current Student Volunteer and Fundraising Officer, working with the SU to improve your experience at Spa. Volunteering at university has highlighted the benefits and skills that these experiences and opportunities have provided me with which will certainly help me upon graduating aside from my desire to help others and get involved in good causes!

How did you go about finding volunteering opportunities in Bath?

I found most opportunities by following the Students Union’s social media pages and looking out for events going on around Bath to get involved in. The Careers team also advertise volunteer opportunities as well as staff who can help you find long term volunteering. Join the Good Stuff society to get involved in ongoing projects or one off events! It is also easy to contact charities you are interested in Bath to ask them what you can do to help! Or come and speak to the SU team if you are keen to run your own volunteering or fundraising event!


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