Black Lives Matter Update - 9th June

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The events over the past couple of weeks have shown there needs to be change. This needs to be nationally and particularly within small communities such as Bath Spa. 

Racism is a huge issue at Bath Spa University, and one that we have been raising all year. Like many of you, we have had enough and want to work even harder to tackle it.

Throughout this year we have presented many actions to the University. We have asked for unconscious bias, white privilege and racism training to be implemented, for the introduction of BME scholarships and for Bath Spa to own up to its institutionalised racism, but we have seen little to no change. However, we are not giving up, and for the first time in our roles, it feels like some staff at Bath Spa are waking up to this so we hope this means some much needed change is coming.

Enough is enough. We promise to continue to pressure the University and fight any resistance to change we may come across. We are also committed to improving our Students’ Union and addressing any barriers black students face. 

We have begun to develop our own action plan which includes:

  • Hosting an anti-racism forum, open to all students, so together we can discuss the actions the Students’ Union can take to create change and tackle racism at Bath Spa

  • Working with your recently elected 2020/21 BME Rep Dee Johnson to create self care tips for Black Students 

  • Organising an online protest for all Bath Spa University Students and Staff to attend. 

  • Profiling and celebrating black queer people in light of June being Pride month.

  • Increasing our work on decolonising the curriculum and ensuring its visibility 

  • Campaigning for the University to provide compulsory anti-racism and liberation training for all students and staff. 


Racist behaviour and actions will not be tolerated. If you witness or experience racism, please report it. You can use the University’s Report and Support tool (, contact your tutors or email the Students’ Union ( All reports will be taken seriously and appropriate action taken. 

We understand this is a difficult time, particularly for our Black students. We would encourage you to seek support, if you need it. The Students’ Union Advice Centre ( and the University’s Student Wellbeing Services ( are operating remotely and able to offer support via email, audio or video call. 

If you want to get involved with any aspect of this work and have any suggestions about how we can take this forward and hold the University to account, please email Megan Robertson, Vice President Community at or via Facebook (Megan Robertson Bath Spa), Instagram (@bathspasabbs) or Twitter (@BSU_VPCommunity).


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