Vice Chancellor Pay

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Bath Spa Students’ Union understands the frustration of both staff and students and we are disappointed with the current news surrounding our previous Vice Chancellor’s pay. Holding a public position, such as that of a Vice Chancellor, should be one of privilege and we want to see Universities take an approach to senior staff pay that mirrors the best in ethical business practice. At a time where there are continued pay restrictions across the sector, the excessive salaries of University leaders can only compound the issue and cause greater tension within our student body and our staff.

As a community, we feel great frustration at the widening gap between senior staff pay and the investment into the student experience and the Students’ Union. Our President, Ryan Lucas, is working closely with the University on this matter to ensure that students reap the rewards of their investment into the University and into their education.

Despite the negative news, we welcome the appointment of the new Vice Chancellor, Prof. Susan Rigby. Her openness and integrity will go a long way in restoring students’ faith in Higher Education.