Welcome Week 2018 - Student Information

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At Bath Spa University Students’ Union we have students at the heart of everything we do. When a student joins us at the beginning of the year we are more focussed than ever. We strive to run exciting and safe events that give our students the chance to meet each other and set up those important friendships at the start of the year. We will always endeavour to keep every student as safe as we can.


There are many flashy websites and social media groups and pages that claim to be or appear to be official Bath Spa University events. They appear to be run by a national brand, a large promotions company or local promoters in Bath. These have NO AFFILIATION with either Bath Spa University or the Students’ Union here at Bath Spa. Promoters will often start chatting to students on a personal level, sometimes posing as a student and dodging questions. We urge all students to remember that it is their job to make as much money from you as possible and they often have little interest in your safety or experience after you pay for your ticket or wristband. 

It's also important to note that some people within these social media groups may appear to be students, however they're not. Promoters will create and use a series of fake account to communicate amongst one another, in order to ramp up pressure on their own club nights. 

The tickets or wristbands that are currently on sale on these pages and websites are NOT OFFICIAL tickets or wristbands and will NOT get you into any of the official Students’ Union events, events that the majority of the student population will be attending and have attended year on year.


This year the Students’ Union is not issuing a Freshers’ Week wristband. Students can buy tickets on the door and are free to choose which events they want to attend, without having to commit to them all. There is only one ticketed event during Bath Spa University’s Freshers’ Week (Silent Disco + UV Party) and these will go on sale shortly after A'level results day and will ONLY be available through our website.


We encourage all students to be cautious of all unofficial promotions and events. In the past, we have witnessed some events being used as data gathering fronts or simple scams, selling tickets for events that have not taken place.

If you are unsure regarding the authenticity of tickets or event, then visit the Bath Spa University Students' Union website (www.bathspasu.co.uk) and link off to our official social media platforms.


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