Welcome Week 2019

Welcome Week is fast approaching and we are so excited to welcome you all to Bath Spa University and to your Students’ Union!

We know that what is on offer to you during your first week, can be unclear and quite confusing, so we have created a list of helpful tips, to clear up the confusion and help you get the most out of your arrival at Bath Spa University.

  • We are currently busy working on your Welcome Week events, any wristbands or events you see being advertised already are NOT Bath Spa Welcome Week wristbands/events, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to attend any SU events using wristbands that haven’t come from the Students’ Union.
  • Unsure if it’s a Bath Spa Welcome Week event? Keep an eye out for the Bath Spa Students’ Union logo on all OFFICIAL Bath Spa Welcome Week events.
  • If someone messages you and tries to pressure you into buying a wristband and won’t leave you alone until you buy one, we would recommend you block them. Your Students’ Union will never pressure you into buying a wristband.
  • We understand that it's a daunting process moving to university and that you want to prepare for the best week of your lives ASAP. However, we would like to assure you that there is no need to rush into buying wristbands. We can promise you that we'll be selling the Welcome Week wristbands after results' day on August 15th.

It is up to you how you spend your Welcome Week, whether it’s attending your Welcome Week events or external events, however, we want to make sure you get the most out of your first week at university and avoid any potential disappointments.

The FULL line-up of Welcome Week events will be released soon so keep an eye out on your Students' Union website for more updates!

If you are still confused, please feel free to drop a message to su-welcomeweek@bathspa.ac.uk, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.


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