Your Course Reps for 2020/21

Last semester, for the first time, Bath Spa Students' Union invited 1st and 2nd year students to sign up to be course reps next academic year, rather than run in an election. We are delighted that over 130 students have already signed up!

Please use the list below to find your reps!

If you are interested in being a rep and want to find out more, click here or contact Please note that sign-ups have not yet opened for 1st year and Postgraduate course reps. 




Creative Industries



Music and Performing Arts 




Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Emily Watson

Creative Arts Practice
Year 2 - Zuzanna Suchorska, Matt Downing
Year 3 - Ella Levy, Mia Weetman, Alisha Stokes, Sarah Trebilcock

Fine Art
Year 2 - Scarlett Ward, Noah Gibson-Noir, Stephen Spicer
Year 3 - Catrin Jones, Jasmine Smail, Jennifer Jenkins

Year 2 - Phoebe Costard, Elizabeth Reaney, Alex Lee-Cerrino
Year 3 - Finlay Mills, Onna Borbely-Bartis


Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Vacant (email

Fashion Design
Year 2 - Alice Atkins, Lewis Evans
Year 3 - Isobelle Denley, James Kneen

Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors
Year 2 - Charlotte Cuttell, Lottie Marsh
Year 3 - Zoe Weaver, Ayse Ozdemir


Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Lauren Stone

Business and Management
Year 2 - Celyn Roberts
Year 3 - James Fee

Business and Management (pathways) 
Year 2 - Abigail Stewart
Year 3 - Ioana Marin

Creative Industries

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Dylan Tolley

Creative Computing (Gaming) 
Year 3 - Joshua Ponte, Alex Wisdom

Creative Computing (Web Technologies)
Year 3 - Nathanael Mosaku

Creative Writing
Year 2 - Molly Grist, Louise Woods, Lily Van Bergen
Year 3 - Jonathan Sanderson, Sophie Lucas, Elisha Westmore

Film and Screen Studies
Year 2 - Joseph Michell, Jake Hodges
Year 3 - Aimee Cook

Journalism and Publishing
Year 2 - Poppy Evans
Year 3 - Gwen Jones

Media Communications
Year 2 - Carlie Griffiths, Amber Wisteria, Lucy Dale
Year 3 - Imogen Core

Year 2 - May Mower, Louise Woods, Madison Cooper
Year 3 - Jasmine Martin, Emma Moseley


Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Bethany Gee

Early Childhood Studies
Year 3 - Elizabeth Figg, Jesse Hollywood

Education (Primary and Early Years)
Year 2 - Chloe Phillips, Papina Evans

Education Studies
Year 2 - Molly Barton
Year 3 - Robert Collard, Ciara Martin

International Development and Education
Year 2 - Freya Farnham


Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Bethany Lawson

English Literature
Year 2 - Kelly Jones, George Page, Caitlin Woolnough, Evangeline Rouse
Year 3 - Abby Shepherd, Ella Fernandez, Briana Pascoe

Year 2 - Colette Ahsam, Patrick Gibney, Jakub Chwedziak
Year 3 - Charlotte Thomas, Maxwell Swannell

Year 2 - Jakub Chwedziak

Philosophy and Ethics
Year 2 - Abigail Withey, Megan Kosciow

Religions, Philosophy and Ethics
Year 2 - Luca Young, Eve Lacey

Music and Performing Arts

Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Gregory Johnson

Year 2 - Dilietna Graves, Morgan Marr, Gabrielle Edwards
Year 3 - Elizabeth Hayton, Christopher Wootton, Charlotte Berry, Francesca Taylor

Year 2 - Oliver Young

Commercial Music
Year 2 - Ollie Sharp, Michael Williams
Year 3 - Lauren Walton

Creative Music Technology
Year 2 - Charlie Jefferson- Voysey, Thomas Morley

Year 3 - Kevin Bordonaro (Musical Theatre), Nolwandle Lembede

Year 2 - Abi Kent, Eleanor Merryman, Ellie Frank
Year 3 - Lauren Hollis (Vocal Performance), Sophie Gibson

Theatre, Festival and Event Production
Year 2 - Niamh Moxon, Susie Beare
Year 3 -Lewis Brown, Emma Smith


Undergraduate Senior Academic Rep - Evie Pattison

Year 2 - Samuel Moore (Conservation)
Year 3 - Jemma Smith (Human), Amina Mohamed

Year 2 - Tierney Walker, Anya Murray, Jennifer Garrity, Olimpia Banea
Year 3 - Chloe Davies, Lilyanna Cogan, Samuel Downe

Environmental Science
Year 2 - Kaitlynn Harrison, Robert Aitchison
Year 3 - Kazuki Tomita

Food with Nutrition
Year 2 - Harriet Sadler, Sophie Ellin
Year 3 - Chloe Cole, Amber Smith

Forensic Psychology
Year 2 - Noah McCarthy

Year 2 - Ashleigh Harwood
Year 3 - Nolwandle Lembede, Morgan Evans

Global Development and Sustainability
Year 3 - Hannah Watson

Human Nutrition
Year 2 - Abby Taylor, Savannah Snow
Year 3 -Isabella Mcleod-Joel

Year 2 - Rebecca Jordan, Jordan Bereton, Emily Chappell, Bethany Gee, Amy Doughty, Lauren Kiely, Abigail Withey, Georgina Gaoiran, Charlotte Walker, Molly Slater, Megan Kosciow
Year 3 - Katherine Mann, Rebecca Evans, Odette Zaharia, Sian Bassett, William Oliveira, Jessica Kvedyte, Nicole Paget, Alina Krost

Year 3 - Olivia Shalaby, Maisie Pinnington


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