Clubs and Societies




A message from Jack Mapston - VP Opportunities 

"Joining a club or society at Bath Spa means that you are becoming part of a family that will be a huge part of your life even after you've graduated!

From rugby to cheerleading, from the Doctor Who Society to the Christian Union there is something for everyone at your Students' Union. 

Can't find a society or team for you? Then start one up! The Students' Union is all about student voice, so please get vocal and submit any ideas you have!"





Important information about Signing up for Clubs and Societies:

New Bath Spa students: You can sign up to join clubs and societies as soon as you have registered as a Bath Spa University student and have your 6-digit student number.

Existing Bath Spa students: You can join clubs and societies from 1st September.

If you change your mind about joining a club or society, there is a 14-day 'cooling off' period from when you sign up to receive a refund. For an Interest, Campaign + Network or Academic society refund, please email For a Sports Club or Sports Society refund email

All of our sports clubs and societies bring people together in a friendly setting outside of the academic university environment. If you thinking about joining something - just go ahead and do it. You'll be amazed at the difference it can have to your university experience.



Set up your own Club or Society:

Clubs and Societies are completely student run – and they aim to reflect the interests and activities of a variety of students. However, if you fancy setting one up yourself then we actively encourage the formation of new clubs and societies.

Click here to set up your own club or society. 

Please bare in mind we only take society applications 3 times a year!

Once you submit your idea the Students’ Union will then discuss with you:

• How to get set up online.

• How much your membership will be for the year (minimum £3 except for Campaign and Network Societies).

• How to fill out a constitution (your clubs/society aims).

• Your risk assessment – so you and your members are safe.

• How to advertise and attract members.


The Students’ Union will also support your new club/society by:

• Advertising online via the Students’ Union website, newsletter, facebook page and twitter.

• Offering personal development and training to all committee members. 

• Being available for any queries you may have.