About Us: 
Bath Spa Rapids Cheerleading and Dance Teams is a fun, energetic society made up of 10/11 separate teams. Most of these compete, but we have a non-competitive team that you can join at any point throughout the year! You’re not just joining a society, you are joining a group of talented and dedicated team of people who will become some of your closest friends.


We compete in national championships against other universities and have lots of socials to keep all the teams together. We won 7x First Place trophies last year alone and are hoping to do the same this year, we were also lucky enough to be invited to compete in Prague.. that turned into a cheer travelling adventure for some of us, stopping in Berlin and Amsterdam! We are not looking for experience we are looking for people who are passionate and committed to learning a great sport!

Committee and Coaches 2017/18: 

President - Kate Bartlett
Vice President Cheer - Kate Havard-Pratt
Vice President Dance - Cat Wood 
Social Secs - Danielle Powell & Mollie Taylor 
FUNdraiser - Holly Jackson
Graphic Designer and Publicity Officer - Amy Kelly 

Technique Coach - Hannah Harris 
Jazz Coach - Amy Kelly
Pom Silver Coach - Cat Wood & Charlotte Maycraft
Pom Navy Coach - Sarah Jane 
Hip Hop Coach - Nashka Langlais 
Competitive Cheer Coach - Amelia Campbell 
White Team Coach - Abbie Sutton 
Stunts Coach (L1) - Abbie Sutton 
Stunts Coach (L2) - Katie Brunton 
Stunts Coach (L3) - Danielle Powell 

Contact Us: 

Website : www.bathsparapids.wix.com/bathsparapids

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BathSpaRapidsCheerAndDanceTeams

Twitter : @BathSpaCheer

Instagram : @BathSpaCheer

email: su-cheerleading@bathspa.ac.uk
or alternatively email the president at: kathryn.bartlett14@bathspa.ac.uk




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