American Football


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Welcome to The Dog House!

The bulldogs are the American Football team of Bath Spa. Founded in 2007 the Bulldogs have gone on to represent the University in the BUAFL (British Universities American Football League) championships, playing against some of the best sides in the country. Despite only being a 7 year old program, the Bulldogs have continued to grow, year on year in one of the more challenging university sports. We are a fast developing team, with the main contact team and a non-contact flag team.

Fancy a challenge?

Regardless of your size, experience and knowledge of the sport, rookies are an ever growing essential part of the Bath Spa Bulldogs. With your help, alongside a returning core of players, we can not only have a successful season on the field, but also an incredibly successful season off it with plenty of socials and additional activities. So, if you've wanted to play the toughest sport on the planet; if you've wanted to be part of something more than just a team; if you've wanted to be part of a brotherhood; a family; then the Bath Spa Bulldogs is the team for you, and American football is the sport for you.

Why Become a bulldog:

  • You don't have to play contact football to be a bulldog… We also have a NEW flag team, contact us to find out more information about this side of the club.

  • All kit provided! Helmets, Pads, Jerseys and Game Pants are all provided for you all you need to bring is a Gum Shield and Boots.

  • No experience needed at all, playing alongside experienced players and having a top coaching team will help you develop your skills faster than you’ll realise.

  • An incredible unity and brotherhood bond between players, helping you inside and outside of university life. A lot of former players say they wouldn't have got through university without The Bulldogs Family at their side.

  • One of the highlight events of the year is the SUPER BOWL PARTY at our sponsor pub with other societies including the Bath Spa Rapids.

  • Plenty of social drinking and non drinking events, thanks to our two social secretaries.

  • You'll get the opportunity to work with and be part of a real team, where everyone contributes towards the success of each other and the team, and the Bath Spa community.

  • You'll never experience anything like American Football, the passion and discipline you gain will aid you further down the line in your personal lives and careers.

  • Meet incredible students who will be there for you on and off the pitch, including senior players offering additional training opportunities and help around uni.


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