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Dodgeball is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports and it’s an easy game to play and learn. With many variations to the game, Bath Spa University dodgeball society (Bath Spa Titans) is all about having fun and socialising. 2016/2017 consists of UKDBA tournaments for those that want to compete as well as casual group sessions once a week if you only want to play for fun. This year will incorporate the new Dodgeball rules, so be prepared for a change of method in play!
This year we are based at Hayesfield Girls Upper school, in Oldfield Park (BA2 3LA), which is just a short 10-minute walk from Charlton and Waterside Court student accommodation. Sessions are 8-9pm on Tuesdays. If you're living on campus, it's a short walk from the No.15 Bus stop on Windsor bridge, and can be reached from Green Park Accommodation in either 15 minutes walk, or a short 5-minute bus journey on either the 10 or U18 bus. 
If you're interested in joining, come find us at the Activities Fair, drop us an email or message us on Facebook. You should also go and like the page on Facebook, so give it a like to stay up to date with all our events!
This sport is a little different to what people are used to but we have just as many people that want to play for fun and socialise as to those that want to pursue trophies, so come and dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.
 - Callum Bricknell, Bath Spa Dodgeball Society President. 

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