Song Writing Society


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Our Songwriting Society is aimed at helping members to develop their songwriting and confidence to then go on and share or even perform their original music! 


Whether you are doing songwriting or music and want to put your learning further into practice; are a self-taught songwriter, or are entirely new to songwriting with an interest in furthering your passion, this is the place for you.

We offer a welcoming atmosphere to share, perform and workshop songs together with the possibility to play with other musicians or even go on outside of the meeting time record your song depending on who is there and interested that night! 

Our Songwriting meeting will be held every Monday from 6-7 pm at Michael Tippet Centre G18


Committee Members:

-Angela Williamson: President

-Isabella Viggers: Vice-President

-Rebekah Harley: Treasurer


An idea of a regular night: After being introduced to the stage, the songwriters can perform/play their originals on the speaker system, piano or guitar we have. Other songwriters in the audience can then be invited to give their feedback after each performance. Depending on your ability or preference, you might want someone else to look at your song one on one. Maybe you'd like someone else to play chords for you while you give us an idea of your melody? Whatever it is, mention it to a member of the committee either in meetings or through the facebook page messages. If it's not something we currently do, tell us and we'll consider it and hopefully make time/changes for it in the meetings!

Other - less common - nights: We will make sure to share it on the facebook page beforehand, but some nights may be more like a taster session/ workshopping new skills or techniques or even hearing from an outside speaker.


Our goal is to become better songwriters, to collaborate and to share our original music with other musicians/songwriters.

We also host social events and can talk about planning concerts/joining concerts together. Some events will include open mic nights at bars, concerts and/or busking in the streets. Others will be about experiencing life/Bath/culture/learning and everything that can influence and develop songwriting abilities. Then, there are the purely social days where we might call up some pizza/ watch a movie or catch a drink in a local pub. 


Any questions?

Ask Angela Williamson (Songwriting Society's President)

+44 7864 640358

Or Isabella Viggers (Songwriting Society's Vice) 




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