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Welcome to The Good Stuff Society page!

I assume you are here to find out more about our society! If so you are in the right place!

We have fundraised for lots of different charities over the years! This year (2017/2018) we are concentrating on two particular charities. These charities are yet to be confirmed, but we are hoping to have one animal charity and one elderly charity! We will update you all on the charities once it has all be confirmed (hopefully, this will be a week or two after freshers) Once we have this confirmed we are aiming to do one fundraising event each month, such a bake sales, raffles. SU quiz nights and many other ways.

Not only do we get involved with fundraising at the University but we also run many different volunteering opportunities for the members of our society! We have so many different volunteering trips that have gone down a treat with the members such as a visit to help out at the local farm in the bath! This year we are hoping to run bigger and better events for you! For example, some event we have planned or community litter picking, community garden, visits to care homes and much more! We are planning to do one volunteering event each month!

As a whole, we believe being a member of this society is not only fun but rewarding knowing that you have helped others and the community.

I hope this brief description of our amazing society has persuaded you to join and give something back to your community!

Please don't hesitate to email us with any of your questions, idea or comment, we always happy to help and receive ways of making our society better and making sure you get the maximum pleasure out of being a member. 

We also have a facebook page that you can join for regular updates.


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